Teak Decks

image-12There is no better finish to a quality boat than a teak deck, and at TLC we can custom design and build a genuine hand made teak deck to traditional designs, your own design, or why not leave the layout to our experienced craftspeople.

What We Do

We do not use remoulded or plastic teak deck kits, and use only the finest materials, securing each individual plank in place with black Sikaflex to ensure that the deck moves with your boat and does not damage the underlying deck.

Before carrying out any work, we first thoroughly inspect the existing deck to ensure it is sound, and upon completion we perform a full inspection to ensure that the work has been carried out to our famous TLC quality, and that your new teak deck is ready for you to enjoy.

See below for examples of our latest teak deck work.


Red Beauty


This gallery contains 20 photos.

We have recently completed work on Red Beauty in our covered workshop. She has had a brand new replacement Teak Deck and Cockpit. The original deck was old, cracked and worn and in generally poor shape. We started by stripping off the existing teak.

The photos at the bottom of the  … Continue reading

Pension Games


This gallery contains 19 photos.

Pension Games is a magnificent Oyster 406 yacht that came to us for a new Teak Deck

Marco and Lorraine purchased Pension Games in 2012 as a live-aboard. At the time she had a 25 year part deckmaster, part teak deck. Although the original deck was in reasonable condition it’s age  … Continue reading



This gallery contains 12 photos.

We carried out a full restoration on this Hallberg Rassy 42 due to badly warn decks. The owners purchased the Yacht in January 2011 and are now sailing around the world on her.

We laid a custom teak deck using quarter saw teak balks. cut to a traditional Hallberg Rassy  … Continue reading



This gallery contains 12 photos.

Satisfaction is a classic Sparkman and Stephens designed Swan 38 yacht in need of a new teak deck from TLC.

We are have now completed removing the current worn-out deck at our workshop in Conwy and replacing it with a brand new hand-built custom teak deck. We have also carried  … Continue reading



This gallery contains 13 photos.

The owners of this beautiful Grand Soleil 45 saw the last Grand Soleil teak deck that we did, on our website and brought their yacht to us for a new teak deck.

Having seen a Grand Soleil that was re-decked by TLC Boat Repairs some 18 months ago, we had  … Continue reading



This gallery contains 9 photos.

Jane and Chris Pink brought their Vancouver 34 to us for a replacement teak deck, due to the old one being worn and lifting in certain areas.

The new yacht teak deck was laid by hand using 9mm quarter sawn teak. Jane and Chris also decided to create a new  … Continue reading