Tom Cunliffe’s Constance

Tom Cunliffe asked TLC to fit a new teak deck to his beautiful Mason 44, Constance.  Read the glowing report on his site.

Some said it was a bold decision to put Constance on a Shoreline truck down on the Solent and shunt her all the way up to Conwy for her new deck. Let me tell you, I never made a better choice. Barry and the lads are skilled, motivated and seem to be totally tireless. Barry doesn’t believe in stress, so what you get is a world-class deck on time and on budget with never a moment’s doubt in your mind. That big smile on your face is a bonus.

Tom Cunliffe

Take a look below for a selection of photos from before, during and after the work. Tom has also posted a YouTube video about the story of Constance’s Deck:

We moved Constance into our covered area so that we could complete removal of the existing worn out teak deck and replace it with a brand new, hand built, teak deck. Being undercover, we were able to complete all the work during the winter and she has now been transported back to the south coast. Tom visited us at our workshop in Glan Conwy and was sufficiently delighted with the results to provide us with the testimonial above.

At one point we found Tom stowed in a locker spying on us!

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